Fashion CrossBody Phone Bag Trunk Vertical


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Features & Compatibility

LV Crossbody Phone Bag  The Ideal Combination of Function and Style

In today’s fast-paced environment, staying organized is essential for retaining our sanity.  But who says you can’t be organized and fashionable at the same time?  Keep everything in its place while looking effortlessly fashionable with   stylish LV Crossbody Vertical Phone Bag.

The convenient front slip pocket allows quick and easy access to your cell phone whenever you need it.

Your Essentials, Neatly Arranged

The days of searching through your bag for your cell phone, credit cards, or cash are over.  LV Crossbody Phone Bag is made to keep your necessities organized and conveniently accessible.  The credit card and driver’s license slots prevent you from fumbling for them when needed.

Stay Connected on the Go

The ease of having a dedicated front slip pocket for your phone cannot be emphasized.  If you need to quickly answer a phone call, check a message, or photograph a moment, you may do it without having to dig through your luggage.    Leather  Vertical Phone Bag allows you to be in touch and be on top of things with ease.

Durable and Stylish

LV Crossbody Phone Bag is made of soft  genuine leather, which ensures it will last and retain its elegance.  The fabric inside gives an extra layer of protection for your possessions, while the silver-tone metal hardware and zippers lend a touch of sophistication.  With dimensions of L5″-H8″-W2.5″, Phone Bag strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and portability.

Versatile Design

Vertical Phone Bag, you can easily transition from day to night.  Because of its versatile design, you can use it as a trendy crossbody bag during the day, freeing up your hands for other chores.  When the evening arrives, simply disconnect the golden chain with a length of 22″ and you’ll have an exquisite handbag to accent your evening dress.

Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Fashion CrossBody Phone Bag Trunk Vertical

  1. Maeve Hegmann

    A great bag. Redmi 10C phone fits well, with stock, in a regular case and in a book case. The bag is perfect for both phone and change, passport, wallet, etc.

  2. Charlotte Marshall

    Excellent bag in appearance and quality, everything fit, wallet with documents and long mobile phone 7 inch Inphinix, and a set of keys. Extremely useful purchase at a non-burdensome price, I like it! Thank you!

  3. Kalyani Ben

    Great quality! Satisfied more than! I will order 2 more pieces for my children now!

  4. Muyiwa Ayobami

    Wow ! Amazing bag. My iPhone 12 Pro Max slides right in. A wonderfully long crossbody strap. I’m 5’11” and at full extension it sits at the perfect spot on my hip. Definitely recommend.

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