Fashion Crossbody Utility Phone Bag Black Hardware


Features & Compatibility

Fashion LV Phone Bag Crossbody Magnetic Buckle Design

The  magnetic buckle design of Fashion LV Crossbody  Phone Bag Black Buckle introduce style and practical of use. It’s adds a classic touch, and  keeps all of your valuables safe and secure throughout the day. The magnetic closure allows for quick and simple access to your belongings while remaining sleek and fashionable. With this functional and attractive feature, you will have it both.

Safe for Everyday Use

LV Phone Bag Crossbody is made for everyday use, with matte black-tone hardware that will last way longer. This increases its endurance and makes it a dependable companion for your daily use. As you go about your day, you can be confident that your valuables are safe and protected,in the same time displaying a stylish and timeless look. Embrace the classic charm of genuine leather and the practicality of a double pocket design. All brought together with the convenience of a crossbody style.

Accommodates Smart Mobiles  

Leather LV Phone Bag Crossbody is designed to accommodate most smart mobile phones under 6.8 inches. From the latest iPhone models to the previous, you can be sure that your phone will fit snugly and securely within the purse’s designated pocket. Please measure your phone and phone case to ensure a perfect fit.

Length with an Adjustable Belt

The adjustable belt of LV Phone Bag crossbody combines comfort and customization. When linked to the bag, the belt length may be simply adjusted from L22″to 26″, allowing you to find the best fit for your body and style. Feel the flexibility of a customized and pleasant carrying experience.

Lightweight and Practical

Lighten your load with our convenient and lightweight LV Crossbody Utility Phone Bag. Whether you’re running errands, exploring the city, or starting new adventures, this purse keeps everything you need close by. Accept the convenience of having your hands free without losing flair.

Measurement: L5-H7 -W3. Adjustable Belt from L 22″-26″ (in position when belt hooked to the bag), Weight 14 oz.

ETA 3-7 business days (vary per destination).

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